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Jockey Club eGPS Psychological Support Project 

eGPS provides guided self-help according to your needs. Different from traditional psychotherapy, guided self-help emphasizes on individual learning. Your Psychological Well-being Officer will introduce you to suitable self-help materials based on your assessment results, and will provide one-on-one guidance to help you effectively use them. By completing the homework exercises assigned in each section, you will achieve your goals step-by-step.


Our Psychological Well-being Officers hold a Bachelor's degree in Psychology approved by the Hong Kong Psychological Society. They are well-trained and are supervised by the Psychology Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the clinical psychologists working in New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. They will assist you in learning the self-help materials and applying them in daily life, and eventually help you improve your mood, reduce your psychological burden and enhance your quality of life.




Provide appropriate individualized guidance


Provide evidence-based psychological intervention and a range of self-help tools


Actively learn how to use the self-help tools to improve mood

Our service takes United Kingdom's "Improving Assess to Psychological Therapies" (IAPT) as reference, which is a psychotherapy program developed under the "stepped care model". This model focuses on offering different degrees of intensity of therapies at different steps depending on the individual's psychological need. By matching therapy intensity to individual's conditions, mental health services become more accessible to the general public. 

Since its implementation in Doncaster and Newham, UK, in 2008, IAPT service has quickly expanded to 11 other locations in the United Kingdom in 6 months, benefiting 43, 000 people.


Statistics show that recovery rate of IAPT reaches 50%, and individuals on average receive only five sessions of "guided self-help treatment" to achieve the outcome. "Guided self-help treatment" uses the principle of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders in a straightforward way. These treatments, at the same time, meet UK's NICE Guidelines' standard and are supported by clinical evidence. IAPT is now fully implemented in the UK, and is promoted in Australia with the name "New Access". Its effectiveness is equally significant. 


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