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WRAP®身心健康行動計劃 帶領員證書課程

(Please refer to the Chinese version of the website)

WRAP®身心健康行動計劃 帶領員證書課程


身心健康行動計劃 WRAP®,以及復元的核心概念



此課程為美國The Copeland Centre for Wellness and Recovery認可的「身心健康行動計劃 WRAP®」證書帶領員課程,完成後可帶領「身心健康行動計劃 WRAP®」小組

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Although there are ups and downs, I have learnt to be more accepting towards my emotions.

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After these days, I have acquired some skills to handle my emotions.

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Mood Checkup

Understand your situation through out mood check up

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