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1:1 Guided Self-Help Treatment

We provided 6 to 8 sessions of guided self-help sessions which could be carried out via video call, phone call or face-to-face. Our psychological well-being officer will first assess your emotional distresses and co-decide the most suitable method with you. In later sessions, they will assist you to use the self-help tools.


Well-being Promotion and Maintenance

"Wellness Recovery Action Plan®”, or WRAP®, developed by Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD is a personalized wellness development programme and handbook. Its five key concepts including hope, personal responsibility, education, self-advocacy and support are employed to enhance participants’ awareness and abilities in dealing with health problems, daily maintenance plan and crisis planning.


Professional Training

This certificate course provides intensive training required to qualify as a low-intensity CBT (LICBT) practitioner. The training will cover assessments, psycho-education, evidence-based low intensity psychological interventions, telecare delivery, as well as clinical supervision of LICBT.


Psychoeducation Group

We provide psychoeducation courses on how to deal with stress, anxiety and insomnia. Leveraging on the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy, people who suffer from mild to medium level of emotional distresses could learn more about causes and influences of the problems as well as some systematic ways to handle them.


Psychotherapy Group

We provide psychotherapy groups leading by clinical or educational psychologist targeting people with severe or complicated mood disorders.


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