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Fong's Recovery Story

After having graduated from college, Fong worked as a secretary at a local bank. She has always been diligent and self-motivated, and therefore has won over her supervisor at work. However, due to a mistake she made at work, the company has lost a huge sum of money and she was laid off. Since then, Fang has constantly experienced low mood, lost of motivation to get up in the morning and reduced appetite. She always blamed herself over tiny things. In several occasions where her mood was particularly low, she had the idea of committing suicide. Under her family's encouragement, Fong decided to seek professional help.

Fong was referred to an evidence-based self-help psychotherapy. After the initial assessment, her Psychological Well-being Officer explained to her the relationship between physiological responses, behaviors, cognition and negative emotions, which made her understand the importance of breaking this vicious cycle. With the guidance of the Psychological Well-being Officer, Fong learned how to use "Behavioral Activation" to slowly enhance her activity level and regain her previous life style. This eventually improves her mood.

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