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Depression is a common mental disorder. According to data from the Hospital Authority, 300, 000 people are suffering from depression. People experiencing depression will feel a low mood which lasts a few weeks to a few months, cognition becomes negative, loses interest and lacks motivation, this affects daily functioning.


The field of psychology and psychiatry commonly believe that depression is caused by the effect of physical factors, psychological factors and environmental factors, these include neurotransmitter malfunction, family inheritance (physical), cognitive distortion (psychological) and daily stress (environmental), etc.

Physical Sensations

Tiredness, insomnia/hypersomnia, weight gain/weight loss, irritable, increased/decreased appetite


Negative feelings and thoughts, such as feeling guilty, feeling useless. Believe the situation will become worse, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts


Acting differently compared to the past, e.g. losing interest in activities, acting or speaking slow, avoidance

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For people with depression, their cognition, behavior, and bodily reaction form a vicious cycle over time, and keeps the problem going. 

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