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Their Journey

We all share similar experiences of emotional distress despite of variation in lives. Let's see how the users help themselves to deal with emotional problems with our service. 

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1 to 1 Guided Self-Help

Thank you Miss Leung for guidance to remedy my depressive mood. I have learnt to solve problems and let go of worries that I cannot control. The skills are useful. 

Mr Yiu made adjustment in therapy according to my situation. I feel understood as he listened patiently to my emotions and distress. 

The workbook helped me deal with stressors more systematically. Besides, the 1-to-1 session with PWO induced new insight and viewpoint in me.

The PWO taught me mood regulation skills. Other than recognizing my progress and cultivating self-confidence in me, she also explained to me about how to improve :) 

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Psychoeducation Groups

I am thankful that the instructor always reminded us to let go of worries and self-criticisms. This course allowed me to calm down. I believe I can have improvement by practicing. 

From this course, I have realized that I have the ability to deal with stress and anxiety. The bodily symptoms of anxiety are not as scary as before.

This course is very useful. By practicing mindfulness in the past week, I have overcome the biggest fear in my life. I believe that I can do better in my life in the future.

The instructor explained very clearly. My attitude towards insomnia has changed a lot. I no longer afraid of insomnia or sleep disturbance.

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Wellness Recovery Action Plan®

I appreciate that we have a lot of sharing and interaction in the session. We learn from others about how to tackle stress. The 7 methods bring me new insights too! 

I have learnt to create my own Wellness Toolbox, which is very useful.

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